Elevators and escalators need regular inspections and maintenance to run under optimum conditions. Hyundai Elevator operates an advanced remote maintenance system (HRTS) built on Korea's IoT convergence technology. We will do the best we can to ensure prompt response, excellent maintenance and differentiated service quality.

The Reasons You Should Choose Hyundai's Maintenance Service

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    Korea’s No. 1 Maintenance Service Provider

    Hyundai Elevator is the largest elevator and escalator manufacturer and maintenance service provider in the Korean market, the 3rd biggest elevator/escalator market in the world.

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    Global Service Network

    The service experts at the agencies and subsidiaries around the world provide maintenance service in a safe and prompt manner.

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    Hyundai’s Own Technology and Parts

    Hyundai Elevator’s products are best compatible with its parts and maintenance service in terms of safety.

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    State-of-the-Art Response & Maintenance System

    We run state-of-the-art maintenance systems built on the IoT technology, such as Hyundai Real Time Service (HRTS), an advanced remote maintenance system.

Full Maintenance Service FM

This comprehensive service package includes all types of maintenance including preventive inspections, part replacement, and repair works to ensure optimum operation and management of elevators and escalators at all times.


Full Maintenance Service FM

This is the flagship maintenance service of Hyundai Elevator that helps run and control the elevator, escalator or parking system under optimum conditions.

Features of Full Maintenance Service FM

  • 01Cost Reduction

    Common maintenance services (POG) may end up costing more in the long run, because of frequent breakdowns and/or part replacement due to poor service. However, Hyundai’s Full Maintenance Service (FM) provides comprehensive maintenance to reduce such additional costs, offering 16% cost reduction per year on average.

  • 02Extended Service Life

    Engineers with special expertise conduct regular inspections to prevent harmful effect on the elevator such as damage or wear and tear of parts, and carry out necessary repairs to any abnormality like product failure. These efforts help maintain the initial performance and extend the life of products.

  • 03Customer Safety

    As the first elevator company in Korea that has acquired the certificate of excellent follow-up maintenance, Hyundai Elevator guarantees customer safety by providing the very best service. The Full Maintenance Service offers rigorous breakdown prevention and on-site safety diagnosis, thus keeping the system running under optimum conditions.

  • 04First Rate Customer Support Service

    On behalf of customers, we handle paperwork necessary for compulsory inspections or part repair/replacement for customers’ convenience. Equally important, we provide the very best service from a customers’ point of view. For example, our efforts to minimize disruption in elevator operation include an adequate supply of necessary parts in case of sudden breakdowns.

Hyundai Real Time Service (HRTS)

The 24-hour Hyundai Customer Care Center (HCCC) conducts remote control and monitoring of elevator operation in real time, and dispatches staff in the event of failures or accidents like being locked in the elevator.


HRTS(Hyundai Real Time Service)

HRTS is advanced remote maintenance service to prevent any breakdown and reduce the time for trouble shooting. For HRTS, the HCCC provides not only real-time monitoring but also remote inspection and trouble shooting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Features of HRTS


HRTS Process

Remote DB Server
Customer Care Center Server
Service Representative
On-site Engineer
HRTS (Hyundai Real Time Service)
  1. Network(LTE)
  2. Remote DB Server
  3. Customer Care Center Server
  4. Service Representative
  5. On-site Engineer
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