Ground Floor

LOWATT Energy Regenerative Inverter

We dream of a better world for everyone and a greener future for the world. Smart and environment-friendly solutions constitute a major part of our technology and R&D investments.

Our eco-friendly, A class energy consuming green elevators use a new generation inverter system called LOWATT which provides an unparalleled level of energy efficiency by recycling kinetic energy.

- Energy efficiency up to 77,5%
-Energy saving up to 60%
- Class “A” Energy Efficiency Certificate

How does LOWATT regenerate energy?

All elevators generate energy for their upward and downward motions. Sometimes an excess energy is emanated , quickly converting into a wasted heat energy.

LOWATT sends the excess energy generated from the movement of the elevator back to the inverter with the help of a specially designed power circuit. The inverter provides energy savings up to 60% by delivering this energy to the main supply to be stored and used for various purposes. When used for the lighting of the building, the system provides a significant drop in energy bills.