Ground Floor


Movement technologies pump life to cities.

In a time when people are orientated to live and work in high rises, it becomes increasingly important to maintain healthy indoor circulation with movement technologies. Elevators are the new arteries of modern cities.

As Hyundai Elevator, we design our products to elevate the flow of life. Thanks to our profound experience and elaborate work, we identify movement requirements of spaces with great precision. Our unparalleled technologies enable us to effectively meet rising customer demands with fast, smart and economic solutions.

First class elevator technology

Using elevators in apartment buildings, workplaces, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, public areas and transportation facilities is an automated action that ensures the continuity of life, much like breathing. In a time of technological revolution, it is imperative for movement technologies to transform daily life.

As Hyundai Elevator, we pioneer transformation with our first-class elevator technologies and groundbreaking products including one of the fastest elevators in the world (6 floors in one second), double deck elevators and energy efficient solutions. We guarantee rich, efficient and safe movement with our smart and green technologies.