Ageing elevators need replacement as well as design upgrades.
Hyundai Elevator has the systematic expertise and extensive know-how to offer
reasonable modernization solutions, which will lead to reduced
construction costs and duration.

Hyundai Elevator’s Full Modernization Work


Customized Solutions

We provide customized solutions that meet site and customer’s requirements. Explore Hyundai Elevator’s accumulated technology to decrease energy costs and breakdowns but to increase riding quality. You’ll witness the transformation of the system in safety, comfort and interior design.

When Modernization Work is Needed

  • When you want to enhance safety and efficiency of the elevator
  • When electric or repair bills are too high
  • When you want to change the interior design

Full Modernization Process

  • 01

    Visit the building in need of modernization work and thoroughly inspect the site.

  • 02

    Discuss the scope and period of modernization work based on customer requirements

  • 03
    Estimate Sent

    Send an estimate with reasonable prices for the settled modernization scope.

  • 04
    Design &

    Design and produce the elevator suitable for the customer's building.

  • 05
    Installation &

    Install the quality-guaranteed elevator and carefully maintain it.

Hyundai's Dedicated Team for Full Modernization Works

We provide customized solutions that meet site and customer’s requirements.

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Signature Projects

  • 05 (4)
    DAP Royal Center
  • 06 (1)
    Defacto Genel Müdürlük Binası
  • 07 (1)
    5M Migros - Ankara
  • 08 (1)
    Sarphan Finans Park